The Shade Anchor Bag® vs Hurricane Irene

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The Shade Anchor Bag® vs Hurricane Irene

When there was a hurricane in the forecast, inventory John Supino decided to see how The Shade Anchor would hold up to hurricane force winds.

The Herald Newspaper Front Page: Prepared for the Worst Expecting Hurricane Irene

The Eastern shoreline was preparing for the worst as Hurricane Irene moved toward the region.

He set up a wood pole market-style beach umbrella in a local park - he added more sand than anyone would normally use on the beach, for this special occasion.

The anchor straps were secured around the pole, above the ribs of the umbrella - the only way the umbrella could blow away was to take the Shade Anchor with it.

He left the anchored umbrella in place and waited for the storm to move in.

Then the storm hit town.

Trees in town were uprooted.

The local school field was flooded.

Local streets and buildings were under water.

The fencing around the park came down, but there in the background, the anchored umbrella was still standing!

Most of the surrounding court was washed away, and The Shade Anchor took a beating.

But the seams held...

The straps remained intact...

And the pockets - although filthy - were still in place. This battered Shade Anchor was still in good enough condition to take on another battle with the wind.

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