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About Us

There was a lifeguard named John

John Supino spent his high school and college years working in beach resort towns in Long Beach Island, NJ, mostly as a life guard for Surf City and Long Beach Township - often watching umbrellas dangerously blowing down the sand.

He knew how dangerous blowing umbrellas could be

As life went on, John continued to spend his summers at the family beach house on Long Beach Island, but now with kids and the responsibility of making sure his own family’s umbrella didn’t blow away.   Each day he took them to beach, he’d spend the first 15 minutes making sure the umbrella was in the ground for the day – unless, of course, it had to be relocated to compensate for the movement of the sun, which required ANOTHER 15 minutes of planning and digging to keep the umbrella where he put it.


Sand screws just couldn't cut it

The summer of 2010 was very windy on the East Coast – the Atlantic was pummeled by 12 hurricanes that year.  John spent many hours on the beach, watching people struggle with their umbrellas as he did.  He noticed people leaving screw devices, uninstalled, littering the beach in frustration.  He saw older people struggling to make their umbrellas secure; younger people digging holes up to their shoulders to bury their umbrellas in; and people just giving up, holding their umbrella with one hand all day long, unable to let it go and relax.

The last straw was when he witnessed his 70-year-old father struggling with a sand screw.  It had a rusted tip, stuck thumb screw, and his father looked like he was wrestling an alligator when he tried to get it into the ground. It was insult on injury when one day the umbrella – with screw attached! -  went sailing down the beach, making for a truly dangerous condition and breaking a $90 umbrella.

He found out lots of people hate the sand screws

After seeing all this, John had an epiphany about ballast. He believed putting weight on the bottom of the umbrella, and anchoring it from the top, was the best way to make sure the umbrella stayed in place.  

That’s when the Shade Anchor Bag® was born

John designed and developed prototypes of his idea and gave them away along beaches from Holgate, NJ to Westerly, RI, while friends and family handed them out in Florida, California and Aruba. The result of this “market research”: People loved the Shade Anchor.

John gave out Shade Anchors to folks along the beach - and they loved it!


What did people love most? Some were pleased that it could double as a beach bag; and some were delighted it worked with any beach umbrella, in any type of sand. But the thing everyone cited was it was EASY TO SET UP, taking about 60 seconds, and anyone who can reach their umbrella riser can do it, even kids. Best of all, once in place, it keeps an umbrella where it was put all day long.

Based on user feedback, John refined his design to include a zippered pocket, provisions for carrying water bottles, and a hole in the bottom of the bag to offer additional set up options.

QVC wanted the Shade Anchor - wow!

He began a campaign of contacting retailers, and within a month got an email from QVC requesting a sample. Upon receipt, they invited him to their Vendor training program and placed an order. 

Emboldened by the QVC interest, John decided to manufacture over 10,000 Shade Anchors, investing his personal savings, borrowed money from relatives, and all his free time into his invention.

The Shade Anchor Goes to Surf Expo

John took a week vacation from his job and officially launched the Shade Anchor at the Orlando Surf Expo in January 2011 where it was met with great success.

Now, YOU can easily order your own Shade Anchor Bag and find out why its the most trusted beach umbrella anchor out there!