The Shade Anchor Bag Beach Umbrella Anchor – Shade Anchor Bag®

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Shade Anchor Bag®

The original beach umbrella anchor. 

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Shade Anchor Bag Beach Umbrella Anchor

The Perfect Beach Umbrella Anchor

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Super Easy to Use

1. Poke & Fill

Put your umbrella pole through the hole in the bottom of the Shade Anchor Bag and poke the point of the umbrella down about a foot into the sand, then fill with sand.

2. Wrap & Click

Wrap the straps around the pole above the ribs and snap the lock - this ensures it won't blow away, even if you knock it over! 

3. Relax & Enjoy

Have a fun day at the beach without ever having to chase down your umbrella again!

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Read What Our Customers Wrote

Love it! I got this because my metal screw type anchor had rusted and could no longer tighten it to hold my umbrella. Took it the beach yesterday. It was very windy but my umbrella didn't move! Am ordering more for my family because they had the screw umbrella anchors and their umbrella took off down the beach. My was easier to set up and take down. The bonus is that I can use it as a bag for all the sandy beach toys at the end of the day.

Dogggie Mom

This has been working really well for us! We live in FL and are frequent beach goers. The weather here can get super weird. You are on the beach enjoying a super gorgeous day and out of nowhere the sky makes it look like the world is about to end and the wind really picks up. We got tired of running after the umbrella lol We used this anchor bag probably 3 times now and we are happy we found it. Definitely recommend. Thanks.

Marcio N Lopes

No longer fear that my umbrella will be picked up by high wind and injure someone. Super easy to set up. Bag serves multiple purposes. Main one is to secure our beach umbrella. Secondly, we use it to carry beach toys. Since there is a hole in the bottom of bag (to insert the umbrella) sand is mostly gone from beach toys by the time we walk back to beach house. Side, mesh pockets handy to carry stuff.

Dr. SG

Used my Anchor Bag this summer! Worked wonderfully! Used it to carry towels to the beach, as an anchor for my umbrella, and it also worked great as a foot rest!!!! I added some pictures!!! Thanks Buoy Beach!


This is a reaaalllllly cool product! Took it down to our beach house this weekend for a test run, and I must say it successfully stood the test of a blustery day on the gulf! So easy to use!


I am not a beach goer but I am a car racer and use a 10 x 10 pop up for shade and protection. I have had a couple situations on windy days where I almost lost my pop up! Got a couple of these to secure my pop up down. Perfect!

Marley Z

Not only good for the ocean beach we took it to the lake which has a beach and it worked great! Really easy to set up! You just fill it up with sand and it's ready to go! When you’re done, just pour it out and pack it up!


The bag works nicely, the pole goes through a hole at the bottom of the bag then you can add as much sand as you needed to hold the
umbrella down. Extra bonus is the outside pockets for toting items such as lotions, phone, wallet, etc.


What a great anchor bag for any beach umbrella! The size is just perfect, and the quality is excellent! Lots of rooms for towels, sunscreen, extra clothes! Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great beach bag that will help keep your beach umbrella from flying away!

Beach Babe